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Thu, 05/25/2017 - 1:27am


Hello RoboBoat, we are form vantTEC team, we have several questions about the Drone interoperation challenge:

As part of the competition of interoperations with the drone.


Could you give us a detailed information of the protocols and communications that have to be used with the drone , a diagram could be very helpful.

In the instructions in the apendix #5 where it's defined the communication protocol for automated docking, say that the image will be uploaded with Http format.

But we are not sure to where do we have to upload the image. For uploading the Image we assume that is to send the information to our main station on ground in order to AUVSI check the image taken, Is that right?

We also have questions on how the Drone will be communicating with the Ground Station , with the boat and with the Pilot control.

Does that communication protocols could be RC communication?, Or is strictly necessary to use a HTTP communication for all the tasks.

If all the tasks will be operated by a HTTP modem, how strong could we supposed the signal will be?

It will be the same LAN network for all the teams that are running the operations at the same time?

How many clients could we are going to be able to connect to the LAN network?

Is there any specific port we will need to use or it will be the default HTTP port?

Can we buy the drone or there is any restriction about it?

Does our pilot have to be certified by the FAA, or there is any equivalent certificate , that we can acquire with a Mexican Federation?


Thank you in advance for all of your help and best regards, see you soon in Florida